hognet 2desks sharing DP8 split halls..

Hi all, question.. The boss just ordered a new DP8 was hoping to share it over 2 or 3 RHFB3s running sepetate shows split rooms.. impossible yer??? Was talking to an ma guy he explained that ma has Worlds?? Thinking something similar..
  • not really something similiar...

    also with worlds you share the same show...
    you only block out certain fixtures from access from another console...

    with different shows it is the best way to use also different DPs...
    you can use the same physical network and set up a different port for each show
  • Thanks for confirming that.. I have a master show split into 3 sets of user numbers and views for each hall, I was just in hope I could block users from accessing other halls fixtures or lock in universes to each desk/lock desks out!!. its kinda gotta be idiot proof as there's a lot of non lighting guys firing up halls etc.

    Anyhow cheers for that, I can move on and come up with another plan now..

  • Userrights is on the way....
    But I dont have a timeline for that
  • Hey Marc, any news on this user rights bizzo? See the DP8 has arrived and now the Execs (not the lighting guys) have a crazy idea of what it can be used for.. Pretty much they wish to hammer a DP8 with 3 consoles in seperate halls allowing the less talented guys to potentually destroy your show in another hall so this feature would be very handy indeed. It gets worse tho, they want to arm the sales team with some form of tablet or midi device to fire looks at any time of the day to show clients.. User rights, tablets or not i am a tad concerned about 3 x programmers in seperate halls programming like mad men with simultanious commands hammering the server from all directions.. Urm will it fall over? Im no network guru so thats why i ask but it doesnt sound like a good idea to me.. lol..
  • No news yet... Still on the request list. Other options are coming first (also important stuff)

    Tabletstuff for the sales-team: go for some OSC control and make an ipad-layout so that they only can trigger special cues.
    There are severel post about OSC on hog 3 os here including detailed how-to-dos

    3 consoles on 1 dp is no problem at all
    Some limits (due to user-rights most of them):
    * all consoles run the same show
    * all consoles have the same patch, preferences, cue-list etc etc
    * and so on and so on...
    It is possible but needs discipline from the programmers