Controlling Coloursource PAR using RDM and DMX Cat

Hello all!

I seem to be unable to control other features than the DMX adress of the Coloursource PAR using RDM. I have a couple of lamps mounted in hard to reach positions and would like to change the mode to Direct -6channel mode. They are currently in RGB mode. I am using a DMX Cat. Of course it might be possible that it is this product that is causing my issue also.

I am considerng doing a factory reset (which seems to be accessible remotely) since it seems someone has changed their behaviour to put out light when no DMX is present -which is not a function I want. But I am unsure what mode they will  start up in after that. 

Any suggestions are welcome.



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  • Hi Peder,

    6 Channel Direct Mode is a new Feature of CS Par that was only added with a recent Firmware Update. Maybe

    the fixtures you have, have an older Firmware that don't Support mode changes.


    Please see the CS Fixture v1.5.1 (current Firmware) Release Notes for instructions to upgrade:

    Hope that helps!

  • In reply to corey:

    Thanks -that at least answeres my question if not solves my problem. Like I mentioned the fixtures are hard to reach and the firmware upgrade seems to require access to the fixture itself. A pity it could not be updated over RDM. Sigh. So the remaining question for me is whether I can get rid of the pesky NO DMX -> light output issue remotely by doing a fixture reset over RDM.
  • In reply to Peder:

    Hi Peder,

    you don't Need to get to the fixtures to do an update. Using UpdaterAtor Software you can reach the fixtures via RDM using an ETC Net3 or Response Gateway or an ETC Gadget USB to DMX Adapter. Using our Net3 Concert Software you can change the Preset or turn them off via RDM through one of the before mentioned devices without getting to the fixtures.


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