instructors for off-line software

. I was wondering if there isn't any instructions for the ion off-line  software . ould l to know how to better utile the software  we are new to using the system.


 just purchased the ion one  year ago. Strongsville high school

  • can you be more specific, what exactly are you looking for? the software is Nomad and you download it for free. when you install it, you will find a folder on your desktop with some pdf files in it, on of them is the list of hotkeys. after that, the offline software is really the same as the console
  • thanks a bunch. Just trying to work at home and create a show that I can actually take back to school and use.
    . We downloaded the version 2.9.1 EOS family shell
  • trying to go through the Console shortcut keys and figure out what I'm doing
  • downloading EOS family for PC will try that
  • Got the new version installed 2.4 nomad it's running great. Thank you
  • this is what I wanted to do .
  • My students are going to love it
  • I use Nomad + Gadget all the time. Using Nomad is NOT exactly like using a real Ion/Gio/Eos. There are many small differences. The software is the same... but getting there is, many times, very different. (every time I call support for a query, they say "it's the same"... I present my quandary, and I get, "oh, that isn't the same... do this..." Mostly in creating effects and special cueing. Basics ARE the same. Simple cue writing and playback.

    Knowing your shortcuts--which 90% make perfect sense--are the way to go. If you try to use the Virtual Keyboard, you'll never get there.

    One handy shortcut to know is <PgUp> is "+" and <PgDn> is "-". Navigating the screens can be a real b*&^h. But you will get the hang of it. Scrolling while pressing the Left Mouse Button will also be your visual friend... but it can lock on you periodically... just In-Toggle the combo (window zooming in/out).

    One last snafoo can complicate things, it you link into your desk--all software versions MUST be the same. Including the Fixture Library. If not, no dialogue... or sometimes strange little things happen.

    Also to note--the Virtual Keyboard now has the shortcuts embedded in the virtual keys. You will see the combination in the lower-right-hand corner of each key... VERY handy!

    Break a leg!
  • to be precise, PgUp and PgDn are Next and Last buttons on the console, just as you can see on both the pdf and the small hotkey indicators in the virtual facepanel.
    and i'm inclined to say there is very very little difference from working with a console to working with the nomad software...