Website still appalling for finding console software

OK, so I've moaned about this before, and I've managed to find the current console software by going "products > controls > Eos > Ti > software", but why oh why when I go the (to me more logical route) of following "support > search software > consoles > eos family" is the latest version of the console software v2.6, with the mac software at 2.6.1 (see attached image)

Don't get me started on the fact that software is ordered A-Z by default, meaning that it's stupidly easy to accidentally download the totally wrong version if you're not paying attention.

I really feel this should be sorted out!


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  • Just to drop in that you still can't get the latest eos software via the "software" menu option off the front page of the etc website - if the intention is still that this link is only for "archive" software then I still think this is silly but at the least it should be labelled as such.
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