Website still appalling for finding console software

OK, so I've moaned about this before, and I've managed to find the current console software by going "products > controls > Eos > Ti > software", but why oh why when I go the (to me more logical route) of following "support > search software > consoles > eos family" is the latest version of the console software v2.6, with the mac software at 2.6.1 (see attached image)

Don't get me started on the fact that software is ordered A-Z by default, meaning that it's stupidly easy to accidentally download the totally wrong version if you're not paying attention.

I really feel this should be sorted out!


  • Hi ,

    Thank you for your feedback. As you've discovered, the latest software is always on the software tab of the product page of the product which uses that software. This is so you don't have to search the archives.

    The Support>Search Software tool is to search the software archives for older software that isn't the latest, but you may require if updating in a multiple console environment isn't possible. Perhaps we should rename that to "Search Software Archive" but, in any case, the behaviour you are seeing is actually by design.

    As you've seen in your screenshot, there is a button for sorting by date versus alphabetically. When using Keywords in your search, it is often easier to sort the results A-Z to be sure that what you requested is in the list without having to know the date it was posted. I'm sorry that the default doesn't match your expectations. To avoid the confusion, you can click on the sort by Date option before scrolling through the results when you are looking for older software.

  • I, too, have fallen victim to this confusing methodology of finding the CURRENT software. In talking to a tech at ETC, he noted it happens all the time.

    ETC should:
    1. Either include ALL software in the Search -- by all definitions, where you go on all other sites for latest software.
    2. Retitle the Search for Software to "Software (Archived)"
    3. Add a line to the header, "For Current Software Releases, visit the Product Page and see the Software Tab"

    NOWHERE does it state that you are searching the Archives. ETC--Please add that!!!!!

    Thank you--Preston
  • I just got off a flight from Hong Kong and this thread has me laughing which is keeping me awake during my layover SFO to ORD.
    I will talk with Kirk and Marketing on Monday about this again. We really have tried to make it easy and have had a lot of internal and user feedback about the best way to make it work. I think there are some goods points in these posts and feel there are some worthwhile adjustments we might be able to make.
  • Mike,


    Have you guys taken a look at D3's download page? Super simple and gets you what you need without clicking through a ton of pages.




  • I have talked with the Marketing and the Web team. Plan ‘A’: We are looking at what it would take to get the software to initially sort by date with newest first. This would be for the ‘search path’ in Mr. Richard Williamson’s original post {Support and Training---click on Software Search link} and then run a filtered search

    Two (2) other paths do return ‘newest date first’ results.
    1) Drilling down though the Products pages {Home>Products>Entertainment Controls>Eos Family} and then selecting the tab for software
    2) Going to Support and Training and then drilling through the ‘Support Articles by Product Type’ {Home>Support>Consoles>Eos Family>Eos Ti} and then selecting the tab for software.

    Very sorry for all the trouble and THANK YOU for bringing your issue up. We always try to make things better even if we sometimes fall short.
  • I think it's bigger than just fixing the prioritization, although that'll definitely help. The website knows what region you've chosen to be in, it should use that to filter out all other languages so you don't have to further refine the search to remove all of the other languages that you don't need. Sorting by date doesn't always seem to work either, I was getting files from 2008-2014 mixed on the same page, with the same on the next.

    I think the biggest thing I'd say is that I love ETC products, the workflow is fantastic. If some of that magic could be brougt to the website that'd be amazing...
  • i agree, the language filter should be better, also in the download section of the product pages the website seems to ignore the language setting and display download that are in other languages...
  • Thanks - this all sounds great!! In an ideal world there would be some way in which software was tagged as "current release" so that a default search would only expose results of the most up to date version of each strand - this would be a bit more of a pain to manage but would be a whole lot easier from a UX point of view.
  • The simplest way to fix this may be to add a version column and make it sortable. that way you can list any way you want.
  • Just to drop in that you still can't get the latest eos software via the "software" menu option off the front page of the etc website - if the intention is still that this link is only for "archive" software then I still think this is silly but at the least it should be labelled as such.