Coloursource Par will not snap out ??

I have a quantity of coloursource par units running firmware and if you try to snap the fixture out using a fader movement or grand master the unit fades gradually ?

Does anyone else have this issue ?


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  • I believe that is a "feature" If you take it out in a 0 count with a cue it will snap. Otherwise it will fade as if it was a light bulb.
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    It's an algorithm that checks of you are sending changing levels or just snap to zero. And you could update the firmware, I think they worked on that logic
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    I think the same, it´s a feature, but in our case, and with last firmware too, don´t responde linearly to fader movement.
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    Doing some testing recently I noticed exactly the opposite. Using a fader, it snaps out but in a cue with time set to zero, it fades.
  • Yea, on some... some time... I had problem a few times with different fade-out curve on different lights, giving a uneven look.. it's not OK from a ETC LED at that price.
  • I have just updated the firmware to 1.5.1 and it seems to have cured the problem, The pars now snap to zero as expected. However, one of them is intermittently losing the green LED. Any ideas on this?
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