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I am using a Gadget 2 and I' m currently building my own handheld lighting console, but at the moment I have some problems with OSC. I first tried UDP, and Luminosus could receive and process the signals, but for some reason the EOS Family software didn't want to (I didn't have a dongle connected to my PC at the time, so this could be the reason). Because the OSC tester didn't get the software to do anything via UDP, I was a bit suspicious, but I read in the manual that UDP is not the protocol used anyway, so I switched to TCP. Here my code didn't even work with Luminosus, but the diagnosis tab of the EOS Software told me that a connection had been established and then immediately closed again. I suppose it is because of the encoding of the string to bytes (I used utf-8, if it is the wrong one it would be nice if you could write me the right one)

Hope you can help me.



Here are the links to my Code:

UDP Client: https://pastebin.com/gwBw11yg

TCP Client: https://pastebin.com/xFvj4qu3

Added Links to Pastebins with my Code
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  • Eos should respond to OSC over UDP, but the configuration within the Eos software is different.

    OSC over TCP will always happen on port 3032

    OSC over UDP can be (has to be) configured to a RX port and TX port as well as a TX IP address.
    this is done in the Eos software, Setup>System>ShowControl>OSC.

    So could the reason why UDP didn't work be, that you didn't do the configuration?

  • I cant see a mistake with the TCP Programm, but here is how I configured UDP:

    I had already thought about that, but I think I've configured it properly

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