Eos Macro Send_String function not working with USB OSC


I've been experimenting with the #lighthack Arduino project.

I want to send an OSC command from an Eos macro  to the arduino. 

The macro is just 'Send_String /led1/on' (with the line termination symbol).

When I run this macro I can see in the diagnostics tab that the OSC message has been sent as well as /eos/out/event/macro/1

The SLIP library on the arduino see's two packets. The first one I believe is caused by the Phil Karn packet initializer as it has a message length of 0. The second packet is the /eos/out/event/macro/1. 

The /led1/on packet is never received.

I've also tried sending the string as an execution on a cue, that has the same issue.

Has anyone managed to get this to work?

Many thanks for your help in advanced.



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