Box 1 - not working on Element Console

Hi all.

I have built and adapted the box_1 project using an Arduino Nano and 3 encoders. Whilst I still have some code to fix up, I have tested it on my mac with ETCnomad and the encoders work fine there. However when I plug it in to my Element console it doesn't seem to connect at all.

I did try installing the Arduino IDE which hasn't helped, so I was wondering if there was anything else I should check? Both the desk and my nomad software are on version 2.7.4 and they are both running the same show file, and I have checked in the show settings that USB OSC control is enabled.

Kind regards


  • Hi Nathan - you will want to confirm that your Element console is running the Windows 7 embedded operating system. As a simple guide, if there is only one network port on the back of the console, it is running Windows XP embedded, and will not support #lighthack devices.

  • Hi Luke.

    Thanks for the suggestion. It's definitely a Win7 machine, unless they've managed to skin an XP device with a win7 theme. I haven't checked on the back of the device yet, so will do, but I can tell from the firmware update install processes and the window theming that it's not XP.

  • Ok, just to confirm, I checked the desk and it's certainly windows 7. I was able to launch the device manager on the console and saw that the arduino only appears as a generic "USB2.0-Serial" device with no driver.

    Is there anything that usually needs to be done on the console in order to get a desk to connect to a box_1 project? I'm trying to avoid having to purchase another arduino (especially as I know this one works fine with my nomad software on my mac)..

  • OK, so after a bit of mucking around with different devices, it appears that the arduino nano that I have isn't arduino-genuine (although I was led to believe it was). My mac had no issues picking up the driver (which seems rare from my reading of knock-off arduino driver compatibility), but other Windows laptops couldn't create the com port until Windows Update had installed a different driver for that chip.

    All good now