Fader Bank

I see someones created code for a 6 fader wing box, is there any documentation for this like a components list and wiring diagram etc just like Box 1?

  • No, there is no wiring diagram. I made an improved new version on GitHub. Some instruction you can find as a comment in the code.
    The only recommendations for fader is a 10k Ohm linear. There are many versions on the market, you need to choose the right one for yourself.

  • Eine neue Version 1.3.1 ist bereit auf GitHub. Um z.B. auf Nomad die Faderseite 2 anzusteuern verwendet man initFaders(1, 2, 10); man muss folgende #defines ändern
    #define FADER_BANK 1
    #define FADER_PAGE 2 // Faderseite auf EOS / Nomad
    #define NUMBER_OF_FADERS 10 // Anzahl der Faders pro Seite bei EOS / Nomad

    New version 1.3.1 on GitHub. Better initFaders(), which allows you to assign the faders to a fader page
    e.g. initFaders(1, 2, 10); controls the faders on fader page 2, this can be done with changing the #defines
    #define FADER_BANK 1
    #define FADER_PAGE 2 // fader page on EOS / Nomad
    #define NUMBER_OF_FADERS 10 // size of the faders per page on EOS / Nomad

  • How would I edit your code to allow the buttons alongside each fader to behave as a bump button, like they do on an ETC Element?

  • I assume you think of Element 1, which have only one button per fader. Have also a look to the Readme.

    Using submaster class, no initialization needed:
    Submaster submaster1(A1, 2, 1); // make submaster 1 using Analog pin A1 for leveler and pin 2 for the fire/bump button

    Using fader class:
    Fader fader1(A1, 2, 0, 1); // make fader number 1 using Analog pin A1 for leveler and pin 2 for the fire/bump button, no stop button

  • Ok, thanks very much. The code works great, as does the capacitor trick to reduce noise!

  • I am now having trouble with it when I change "/eos/fader/" to "/eos/submaster/"

    It no longer controls the submasters in Eos when I do that.

    Do you happen to have a copy of the code for submasters?

  • What did you mean you changed /eos/fader/ to /eos/submaster/ ?
    Submaster is an own class.
    Did you programmed a submaster in EOS. Submaster access direct to the submaster in the submaster list.
    What says the diagnostic Tab99?

  • Embarrassingly I had written /submaster/ instead of /sub/ 

    It is working now Slight smile

  • Did you tried the eOS-USB library?

  • Do you have to have these variables defined? I have a bank of 24 faders I want to wire up and just use them as faders 1 through 24.