Arduino not speaking to EOS

I uploaded the test sketch and just like the instructions say and the TX light blinking once per second. However when i launch the software I don’t see the messages that read "OSC USB Device Handshake Complete[OK]" and "OSC USB Device Handshake Initiated [ETCOSC?]" I believe I have the libraries all set up correctly so i am confused on why this doesn't work. does anyone have any ideas of how to troubleshoot?

(I am sorry for spamming the forums I am just very new to this whole thing and its very confusing for me and this project is due tomorrow morning)

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  • Ive looked through that but I don’t know exactly what im looking for. I think im looking for a list of the buttons i can use for it. from my understanding the next and last buttons are just apart of some list of options of buttons that are available to be used with this library.