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I don't know what the time scale is when you log us out of the forums.

But if you only visit the forums maybe once a week, and I've been logged out.

When you get redirected to My ETC I'm already logged in. So I've discovered I need to log myself out and then back in to get the forums to see me logged in. If I don't log out just go back to the forums it still has me logged out.

  • FYI, I got an alert from Google Chrome when i signed back in that a data breach on the website had happened and that I should change my password...I'm assuming that ETC would have let us know had something like that happened, so I assume that alert was in error?

  • Hi ,

    We are not aware of any data breaches on our end. Our Ops teams keep close watch on this and are continually looking for threats and breaches.

    The pop-up you received from Google Chrome is not site specific, but actually refers to the account username and password combination you used to sign in. (Here's a link to their explanation of the feature: https://security.googleblog.com/2019/12/better-password-protections-in-chrome.html)

    This likely means that the username and password combination you've used to log into MyETC is flagged in their system as being exposed online somewhere by someone. This most likely means that you've used that combination of username (email) and password before somewhere else on the internet. If you've never used that combination of username and password ever on the internet before other than our site, please PM me.

    If you are looking for the technical explanation of how Google accomplishes comparing username and passwords without actually knowing either, they call their technique: private set intersection with blinding.

    For a more user friendly explanation, see: This Image from the blog post linked above.

  • Thanks! I assumed most of that myself...You guys rock!

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