Source 4 Mini Lamp.

Hi All,

Could anyone advise  what are the correct lamp options for the S4 mini fixture?
I can find no reference online as to replacement lamps.
Tungsten 12v 50w, but which beam angle? 25, 38, etc

otherwise a doughnut beam may be created.

Led 12v 12w but again what is the best beam angle.

Any info would be appreciated

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  • HI Mark thanks for the info.

    I have tried several tungsten lamps with a Phillips 24° giving the best results so far, with the flattest overall beam.

    Not tried a gobo as yet.

    As for the Led options, the units had 8.3w  38°  2700k when i purchased them.

    This lamp produced an even flat beam, but was quite dim in comparison to the tungsten lamps.

    Also the lower end of the dimmer curve was pure to say the least.