Robe BMFL Followspot


We're having an issue getting an Ion and a Robe BMFL Followspot Lightmaster controller to play together.  I modified the standard console profile because the values for switching control weren't quite right, but we're still not having any luck with it.



  • are you using the Robospot system? i tried controlling it by sACN which didn't work, but it worked fine with ArtNet. i don't know if maybe sACN was maybe fully implemented later.

  • We are using Robospot (I got it in my head that it was called LightMaster, so that's how I'd been referring to it).  Our Gaffer and I came to the same conclusion after we left yesterday, so we tried it this morning, but without success.  We wound up having to set the interface to Artnet/sACN, and that seemed to do the trick.  

    I did discover that the factory profile has some of the values wrong for giving control to the Robospot (In addition to being really cryptically labelled).   It should look like this:

    Robospot Enabled: DMX 242 (profile has 247)

    Robospot Disabled Except Handle Faders & Pan/Tilt: DMX 247 (Profile has 252)

    Robospot Disabled Except Pan/Tilt: DMX 252 (Profile has 242) 

    Thanks for your reply; it helped us both feel like we were on the right path.