Studio Spot 575 problems

We have been having problems with our Studio Spot 575s for a while now and I cannot figure out what is going on. During the middle of a show, the lamp of one will randomly go out and give an ERR LITE OUT message. The bulb is not bad at all, its new and we've checked it. Now here's the kicker. We have two on a breaker for our permanent install, so when I douse the lamp of the second to breaker them off and then back on, the one giving the ERR LITE OUT is perfectly fine, but then the second light that was not having problems at all is now giving the ERR LITE OUT message. Does anyone have any answers, I've tried everything. We are using a Wholehog 2 with the 575s. Thinking it could be a ballast issue, but on every light? Thats what I have a hard time believing.

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