Sola HyBeam 1000 Pan/Tilt Error

I have two Sola HyBeam 1000 that give me exact same Error.
Pan/Tilt Error.

The PCB have Power, 28 V AC.
All PCB LED lights in green.
I can control via DMX Zoom, Iris, Edge,...
The Light himself is off, i think it is because of the Pan/Tilt Error (no unwanted light on stage,..).
But both Motorconnectors are "dead".

With EOS Console i can via Lamp Control disable the Motors.
But,.... how can i switch them on?
During last week we had have a Guest Company.
Friday before they come all works fine, after a few days both Sola at same time show same issue.
So i not belive it is a electric or mechanical break down.
I think it is some wrong with Software.
I have update both Sola to last Software 2.0.7 3 weeks before and all works permanent fine.
Until another GIO Console come into my system.

Power Off-On not help, send Wake Up via Lamp Controll not help,...
In Lamp Controll i can switch On-Off the Display.
So the lamp talk with my Gio.

Have somebody an idea how i can "reset" this issue?

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