Sola HyBeam 1000 Pan/Tilt Error

I have two Sola HyBeam 1000 that give me exact same Error.
Pan/Tilt Error.

The PCB have Power, 28 V AC.
All PCB LED lights in green.
I can control via DMX Zoom, Iris, Edge,...
The Light himself is off, i think it is because of the Pan/Tilt Error (no unwanted light on stage,..).
But both Motorconnectors are "dead".

With EOS Console i can via Lamp Control disable the Motors.
But,.... how can i switch them on?
During last week we had have a Guest Company.
Friday before they come all works fine, after a few days both Sola at same time show same issue.
So i not belive it is a electric or mechanical break down.
I think it is some wrong with Software.
I have update both Sola to last Software 2.0.7 3 weeks before and all works permanent fine.
Until another GIO Console come into my system.

Power Off-On not help, send Wake Up via Lamp Controll not help,...
In Lamp Controll i can switch On-Off the Display.
So the lamp talk with my Gio.

Have somebody an idea how i can "reset" this issue?

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  • I can look tomorrow.
    In Europe we have now 30 minutes before midnight.

    If the PCB is broken, how can it happen to 2 machines same time?
    It is strange, they have work fine since the last years in main theater. now i get them, they also work fine and from one moment to the next both are broken.
    With same issue
    Is it possible "kill" the PCB with "strange DMX" or if try move the head manual during it is connect to a Lightdesk?

    Thanks for help.

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