one of my DL1 has no Blue output, my projector works fine it seems like the blue connection are not connected inside, is there anyway or maybe a manual to figure out what happen


  • There are a few places to could check where your signal is losing the Blue component. It sounds like you have already done this but first plug your source directly into the back of the projector. Next try to hook up the RGBHV wires (that connect to the I/O panel) directly to your source. Lastly, just go in normally through the I/O panel. One of these three things could be the fault. Also, make sure you do not have any VGAs plugged into the unit at the same time as the RGBHV.

    The DL.1 Manual can be found here: www.highend.com/support/digital_lighting/dl1.asp

    Feel free to give us a call if you are still having trouble. 1.512.836.2242. My name is Zach and you can reach me at x1311.
  • i did plug directly into the back of the projector, and hook up the RGBHV wires to the I/O panel directly to the source and works fine, but if i hook it to the DL1 RGBHV the blue signal still no signal... is it possible or maybe the wires inside the DL1 are disconnected?
  • It sounds like your I/O panel is the culprit. The blue relay is probably not functioning correctly. Sometimes you can tap on the relay itself and, in your case, see the blue cut in and out. Also, the only wires inside the fixture that could be disconnected, and causing the problem that you are seeing, are the RGBHV wires running directly from the I/O panel to the rear of the projector.