New to the DL series

Hi -

I am looking into purchasing a used DL1 for an upcoming production.

I understand that the DL1 does not contain any media server capabilities, but is more of a projector on a moving yoke. I'm specifically interested in projecting a masked video of a characters face, with keystone correction, onto a set piece.

Is the Catalyst software still available, to drive the DL1? What about driving the DL1 from QLab?

Any pointers, suggestions, or advice would be much appreciated!! :1zhelp:
  • James

    The DL-1 will take an S-Video, RGBHV or VGA signal.
    Keystone correction will need to be done by your media input source.
    You only get Zoom, Focus, Pan, Tilt and Intensity control over the DL-1.
    The only image functions you get are Projector Orientation (X Front, X Rear, Y Front, Y Rear) and swithcing between RGBHV or S-video input.
    HES no longer sells the Catalyst software.
    Not sure about QLab as I have never used it.

    If you are going to use a Hog to control the DL-1 the fixture library is located in the uncommon library. So you will need to merge the fixture library into the show.
  • I appreciate your help Michael!

    I understand that Catalyst used a dongle for authentication - because of this if I find a used Catalyst server for example on - will I be able to legitimately use the software and receive technical support?

    Are there any lower cost alternatives to the current Axon product, that HES offers or recommends?

    Regarding the DL1/2/3 - how is masking dealt with? ie. when black or 100% transparency is in a portion of an image, is light still output from the fixture for that portion?

    Last, will HES offer any training courses in the next few months specifically for the DL series?
  • James

    For Catalyst support you must goto

    Axon is the only media server HES offers.
    Alot of media server programs are available, I can not recommend one as I have not used anything other than an Axon. Your best bet for feedback would be to start a tread on the Lightnetwork. (

    Yes you will still be outputting light for that portion.

    HES is no longer doing classes this year. Watch the website as we should be posting the schedule for next year soon.