Collage Repeatability Issues

Here is our scenario. I know it's a bit complicated. We have 2 DL.2s and 2 DL.1 w/Camera and 2 Axons running on a Wholehog III. All the have the lastest software and same projectors. We have a rectangular room with the stage area is about 40' deep x 30' wide. We have placed the 2 DL.2s in the center on the floor 30' from the front wall about 3 feet apart. We placed the 2 DL.1s along the right side wall in tandem with the front unit about 35' from the front wall at staggered heights of 1' and 3' so they can hit both the front wall and left wall.

We have built 6 collages of different combinations. A 2 x 2 collage on the front wall, a 2 x 1 collage with each projector type on the front wall, a 2 x 1 collage with DL.1s left wall, A 1 x 2 collage with DL.1s on the left wall and a 2 x 1 collage with DL.2s on the right wall. Obviously the DL.1s have to do some keystoning on the front wall and the DL.2s have to do some keystoning on the right wall. Otherwise everything is shooting pretty straight.

We have created a cue list for each college with 6-10 cues per collage. The DL.2s are doing the right side of the 2 x 2 and the DL.1s are doing the left to minimize keystoning on the DL.1s. Otherwise all of the collages are with the same projector/server.

Some of our colleges work fine everytime, others are off. We edit the collage palletes, save them. Run the cuelist and it looks fine. Release the cuelist and run it again it works fine, but if we go and run another cuelist and come back the college is off again, usually by the same error. We have used the live touch combo to ensure that all the values are being saved in the palletes.

What is worse is that there seems to be no pattern to location or fixture type. The 2 x 2 is the worst, but here's the thing, the bottom which has 1 DL.1 and 1 DL.2 is fine, the top a DL.2 has a movement issue, the DL.1 has a zoom and keystone issue. All of the rest of the DL.1 collages are fine on both walls. The DL.2s have an issue with the side wall collage which seems to be a position error. The front wall 2 x 1 colllage with DL.2s is fine. So I am wondering why it doesn't seem to hold onto the updated college palletes when we move between cuelists? Also how repeatable is zoom positions since there are no encoders? I have some drawings of the room layout if that helps.
  • Travis,

    You may want to call and talk to the guys in Support as it sounds like a fairly complicated scenario.

    In general, the DL.1 positioning is not as accurate as the DL.2. When we built DL.2 we went back to the drawing board in terms of positioning to really increase the accuracy to be almost at the pixel level.

    You may have some hysterisis that is affecting you too. If you approach the position always coming from the same direction that should improve the repeatability. Zoom and Focus have proved to be very accurate even though there are no encoders.
  • just a though, when you record your pallettes, make sure you record the as "per fixture" so that you ensure that the values for each individual fixture are being recorded.
  • Also check your masking when you update your pallette to be sure the new info gets merged in.

    It also might be worth looking at the encoders on the DL.2s to be sure that they are clean.

    How old are your DL.2s? Do they have the newer dust caps on the encoder sensors?

    Dirty sensors can also cause some "drifting"
  • You might try recalabration the pan/tilt for all the units. There motors for some reason could be out of calabration. For the DL.2 go to the test tab and enter on calabrait. For the DL.1's I think it is under the test tab also. When doing this calabration the fixture should be on a furm serfuce so the calabration is done correctly. Try this and see if it helps with the pan/tilt problem. They might take a few minittes to calabrate so just let them do there thing, and then you will probable need to fix your positoin pallets. this should help pan/tilt.
  • I am on a show with a very similar issue. I am using all DL2s and utilizing them in 7 different collages in addition to ballyhoo's and other individual focuses. I am having repeatablity issues once cuelists are released and a new collage is put in. I was wondering if you had any luck in fixing this issue.
  • Hi Braden,

    I wouldn't say that it is an issue with DL.2 fixtures in general. I use many DL.2s quite often from different vendors, and I almost never see this problem anymore.

    However, you may see some "drifting" if the units you have are not completely up to date or properly cared for.

    3 things to check:
    1 - you are running the latest software -currently v1.3.3 (1309), and all units are on the same version.
    2 - if you have older units (mostly the LX-50 ones) that the Pan/Tilt encoders are clean. The newer units have dust caps for the encoders, and the older units can have these installed as a kit after a thorough cleaning.
    3 - run a motor calibration from the menu using the steps Mike listed earlier.
  • A physical shift of the unit could also cause this problem for you.

    So be sure that your fixtures are mounted securely....clamps totally tight and not slipping, if using truss towers be sure they don't wobble or get knocked, check the intertia form other improperly balanced heads on moving lights swinging the truss around (MAC-2Ks & VL-3Ks are especially bad in this regard).....etc, etc.
  • I have done/checked all of the obvious problems. the one thing that I did after chatting with Matt, is to downgrade to 1.3.1, and that seemed to fix the one issue. I am currently having the same issue with several other fixtures and am planning on going after this fix. I am aware that it may very well be the encoder wheels being dirty. After all we are in an environment that is not clean friendly. I am trying to get to those as possible. However after a simple home command from the console, the fixtures will behave properly for an hour or so before exhibiting the issue again. We are also using the fixtures as general lighting when they are not in the collage so they are seeing fairly heavy usage as far as the pan and tilt goes.

    By the way, how was RHCP? Everything work ok?
  • [quote=bstroup]By the way, how was RHCP? Everything work ok?

    It all ended up well...
    Europe + summer + all outdoor and stadium shows = a whole lot of very wet gear (and crew) though.