What's going on with CS Par production right now?

So I can't tell if this is rumour or a lie or true.

Is there currently a problem with production that's causing a 2-month backlog of new fixtures? Is it a parts problem or related to Coronavirus? 

and is it true that new units will feature True1 connectors instead of Powercon?

None of this sounds true and the source has been wrong about so many other things in attempts to deflect blame. I now verify everything they tell me so I don't sound like an liar myself. So thanks for any info.

  • Hello,

    Recently we discovered an issue in manufacturing with the fan that we use for ColorSource PAR that caused it to fail testing.  After investigating, we discovered an issue with the fan itself and are currently working with our supplier to get a resolution as soon as possible.  Obviously we are not willing to ship fixtures knowing that some could have issues.  There have been some delays in this process due to the Coronavirus but that is not the cause of the problem. 

    There is not change planned to the fixture so, no, it is not switching to True1.

    I hope this helps clear some things up and I hope that the delays have not caused too many issues.  We just want to make sure we ship the best products possible.


    Jim Uphoff

    Entertainment Luminaries Product Manager- ETC Marketing

  • Thanks for the info! Actual facts are much better than rumours.

    No one should have an issue with fixing a failure issue, but I do have a box of True1 jumpers that my boss ordered to return.

    Some days... o_Ó

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