Confusion over version numbers for Colorsource Par

I have taken the enforced downtime as an opportunity to update firmware on my small stock of 6 Colorsource Pars. They had been running different versions of firmware (mostly 1.5.1 if I remember correctly). I think I have managed to do it properly but not before having a number of error messages and when I looked up some online help, I noticed mention of doing irreparable harm to a fixture, which scared me a little, but thankfully did not occur.

I think I understand the need to install the bootloader for earlier versions of firmware, but I felt didn't need to do that in this case as they were all higher than 1.3. This is my best memory of the steps I took, although I may be mistaken, as I didn't take notes, assuming that in each case, the current step would work.

In Updaterator (which I have also updated to the latest version,, I saw two device types that seemed appropriate: Colorsource family 1.3+ and Colorsource Par. When I tried to use the Colorsource Par, it generated errors, and eventually the fixtures were displaying "no app".

I installed the bootloader and then the Colorsource Family option, rather than Colorsource Par, which I thought should have been the correct one. 

I am also confused about the version numbers listed both in Updaterator and in documentation online. They seem to indicate that 1.3 is the latest, but whatever I have done, they are now all reporting 1.7.2 (presumably as that is all that the display can manage). Updaterator is reporting the full version, but the device type says Colorsource Family v1.3.0+v1. and there is another device type called Colorsource Par offering version

Although I had a few anxious moments during the process, I think I have managed to complete it, and most importantly, they are all responding properly, but I am confused about both the version number and the fact that I managed it through the Colorsource family rather than through the Colorsource Par option.

During my research, I saw a document indicating that some Colorsource Pars shipped in 2018 (some of mine were bought around then) had a bug that meant that they reset their address under certain conditions (a symptom I have noted a few times, but always put down to DMX/termination problems or operator error), so I am wondering if any of mine are in that category and if the updated firmware will have resolved the problem.


Postscript: While checking things before sending this message, I now find that Colorsource Par is not being offered as an option under "select device" but still shows as a Device Type in the "setup versions" spreadsheet view.