dB output Colorsource Spot JR

I can't find any info in the datasheet on the Db output from a Colorsource Spot JR.

Is the fan rotation speed depending on heat in the spot?

What is the max. dB output @ 1m?

Can you set the fan-speed on the colorsource Spot Jr on a whisper mode? 

  • Hi Marnix

    I have the full size CS units in my venue. since the full size units don't have a fan setting / DMX Channel, I'll bet that the Jrs don't either.

    the fans are usage driven.  turn the light to full and after a minute or so, the fan kicks in.  Not sure if they are variable speed or not.

    I can't give you a dB value, but i only notice them because I'm looking for the noise.  over dialogue, I don't think the audience would notice.  Definitely not over flute or violin solo (my venue).