Is there a good cross reference for CS Par lenses vs Source4 Par lenses?

I was researching CS Par lens options and hitting a bit of a wall. Culling data from individual spec sheets, I notice there seems to be no correlation between lens names. A Wide S4 lens is a 37° Field while a Wide CS lens is a 76° field? Or do I have that wrong?

Why is there no Beam Angle listed for the CS fixtures?

So if I have a light plot that calls for a S4 Par WFL... Do I substitute a CS Narrow?

If I have a plot with a S4 Par VNSP... am I SoL?

What am I not understanding? This doesn't seem right.

(I was also confused on the CS Par spec sheet where it shows a 15.3° Beam & 26.3° Field whereas the table lists "No lens" as 25°)

S4 Beam S4 Field CS Beam CS Field
None -- -- 15° 25°
VNSP 16° 26°
NSP 17° 32°
MFL *13° *23° 50°
WFL *20° *37° 76°

*Oval beam. Smallest diameter listed.

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