ColorSource ThruPower dimmer as relay?

Hello dear enlightened humans,

I would like to use some channels of a 24 channel ColorSource Dimmerpack as switches and as far as I understand the Datasheet it says for itself that it can be used for dimming operations or as relays. Now when we tried it and configured some channels as switches and had a Look Solution Unique 2 hazer on the outlet it looked fine when switched on but the display of the machine was flickering when it was switched of. That scared us enough to plug it into a regular AC outlet instead.
Now I would like to know what the problem with that could be. When I bring up my channel for the switch I do hear a click in the Dimmerpack.
Should there actually be an opened contact when switched of? Can´t be when there´s something coming through right?

Right now I don´t want to use it not knowing better if our equipment can be harmed or not.

I´m thankfull for any help!

P.S.: We had no multimeter on any outlet so far...

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  • I think the relevant question for us right now is if we´re getting trouble using a "non-legal" product if it´s not fulfilling CE requirements any longer if we bypass the suppression capacitor.
    But I think we will work that out with our distributor who did the installation as well and will use the load ´till the decision is made.
    As said before: Thank you very much!