How to update Colour Source Relay?

Hey dear friends,

we have 6 Colour Source Relays and 3 ETC sending devices. We got them in different deliveries over different years, so I tried to update them without having an idea how to, for making them equal/ changeable. If there is some explaination somewhere, I would be very thankful, if somebody could show me where, but I didn't find anything.

So I tried it by my self with 1 sending device and 2 receivers. I found an option to Update the sending device by RDM with updatorator and tried it. The Software sad, Update Succesful, but I forgot to give the receivers power. So I did it aggain with power for receivers, and software said, Update Succesful. The Problem is now, the receivers say, they have full radio and dmx, but the dmx output from receiver is not the same like the dmx in from the sending device. The wireless connection is like a cut cable.

I know, the receivers have a USB-port, but I don't know how to use it, or how I can use it, for an update.

Can somebody please tell me how to properly update this device or send me a link for an manual, I didn't find anything.

Greetings and many thanks to all,


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  • hey ueli,

    many thanks for your help again, and again, and a....

    It's not the first time, you safe my s! I could not try it yet, and unfortunately it will take some time, because of the covid-thing, but I'm glad to have a hint for a solution.

    Many, many thanks,


    P.S.: The last promised beers are not forgotten, when we meet again ;-)  Vielen Dank! Ehrlich!

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