color source power

Is it recommended to shut off power to color source fixtures when not in use. Do they draw any power while sitting plugged in but dormant? Does it cut the life of the fixture any?

  • I would say you should turn it off between shows.  it has (I assume, cant confirm) minimal power draw when idle.  My concern for my rig when I only do 2 - 4 shows per week is the extra time burning on the internal Power Supply.  50,000 (making that number up) hours sounds like a long time, but it's only 5+ years if you don't turn them off.  I hope to keep mine longer than that without them dying.

  • Colorsource fixtures have a low quiescent load, under 2w, but in general that's still voltage taxing the power supply and control card. While it won't cause any immediate issues, it might shorten the life span of the fixture by a small amount. In general, it won't hurt them to keep them on 24/7, but like most electronics it's a good idea to turn them off and give them a rest every now and again.