ColorSource Dimming Curve

Not sure if devs at ETC will see this, if possible could we get an updated version of the ColorSource fixtures where we can disable the dimming curve. More often then not I find it being annoying due to it's unpredictability when running bump effects or live busing shows. Never know if the fixture is going to snap on or fade on.

  • Hello,

    Thanks for the comment.  The dimming curve for ColorSource was designed to allow for smooth fades when needed while also accommodating bumps when needed, without having to change the curve mid-show.  The algorithm looks at how big the level change is and how quickly it is supposed to happen and then will fade smoothly (for slower fades) or bump (for faster fades)  There is a specific threshold for which style of fade  it will do.  

    If you would like more details about the threshold, feel free to email me at 

    I hope this helps.


  • Hey Jim,

    I understand the theory of the dimming curve for those fixtures, however, more often then not I’ve been having to try and find a work around for it. A recent example, I had one cue fading to black over 1 second with a 0 second cue that immediately followed. Since the colorsource fixtures decided to do a slower dimming curve more true to a 1.5 - 2 second fade to black, instead of having a smooth fade out, they fade halfway out and then snap to catch up with the following cue. I understand that this dimming curve can work wonders for some people, but there are definitely times it’s more harmful then helpful.

  • Agreed with this. It’s the same with the Colorsource Spot Jr.s. Wish I had the ability to change the dimming curve even if just through RDM.