ColorSource PAR power moisture sensor

we had a weird encounter with one of our CS Par.

It stop working for no reason. so we sent to or local supplier for repair BUT when received it and powered up it started working. 

is there a moisture sensor inside that stopping the power to flow? or something really weird is happening... btw our theater Air-conditioning is on 24/7.

hoping to get inputs  

  • I have been told that there may have been static build-up inside the fixture.  I do not know how it happens.  It can clear soon, or in a few days.  But it can happen again.  If it happens more than once, you might send it back to ETC especially if the unit is still under warranty.  Some of the units that I sent back came with a note saying "performed diode ECN and installed new power supply.  Added snubber network."  I do not know what all this means but obviously there was something that could be done.