ETC CSCYC Cyc lights

We are looking at replacing our very old 3 bay 1000-Watt tungsten jobbies with LEDs. Our cyc curtain is 32 x 20 ft. How many of these CSCYC would we need?  Is there a less expensive option?

  • Hello,

    The ColorSource CYC is a great option and is the most cost effective way to light a cyc.  We have a photometry app that will allow you to enter in the data of your cyc and will give recommendations about number of fixtures and spacing suggested.  I would think that for a 20 ft cycle you would want to do a top and bottom row to get the best coverage but you could get away using just top or bottom if you don't mind the fall off. 

    Here is a link to the photometry app I was talking about:

    (it is the second app on the page)

    I hope this helps.

    Jim Uphoff

  • Yes, I'm thinking along CSCYC lines. As a "Not for profit" all volunteer community theatre we will have to do some serious fund raising. I hate lugging those frigging great old cyc lights. Hauling them onto the top bar requires one at a time to rebalance the weights. The "MyETC: Photometrics" is working well thank you. For our 32x19' cyc set back 5' we would need 4 on top, four below.

    Thanks again. I have what I need now. It'll just be the usual $$$!