ColorSource PAR - weird flickering and DMX address wrong and stuck

Colorsource PAR 1.6

Tonight had a couple instances of random colour flickering while not using any fixtures.  Working on deck with just the fluorescents on, a single Colorsource PAR lights up spontaneously and rapidly changes colours for 2-3 seconds then turns off.  Happened 3 or four times over an hour.

Checked it out, the display is already on (I didn't have to press mode to wake it) and displays 512 instead of the correct address.  Pressing mode does nothing, pressing up or down does not change the DMX address - it was stuck displaying 512.  Did a factory reset by pressing mode, up , and down for 5 seconds - DMX address blinked to 001, but again is stuck - mode/up/down do nothing.


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