Address 505 make Pearl and Palettas DMX unresponsive after reset


Just a word of warning, most of you probably know but it was a problem for me in my last gig.

In the already discontinued Pearl and Paletta Selador series there is a software bug that makes them unresponsive to DMX if they are set at address 505 (last address available in both models altho Pearls take only 3 channels. The weird part is that until you shut them down and power them up again this problem is not arising since it is generated at reset apparently. Fixtures are in v1.17.

The odds that this can be a critical problem are rare but one example can that you add some fixtures last day before the show to cover some important area, your universe is quite full and you take last available address... Next day when powering upo the system it is impossible to control them and of course no way to access them (believe, this can happen ;)

Anyway, I just wanted to share the experience in case that can be of help to anyone. By the way, from ETC I have been told that is a known bug but I could not find any mention anywhere.