Vivid-R DMX channels

Hello all! In my auditorium, we have 8 Selador Vivid-R 11" that were assigned to the same DMX channel. We recently found out that you can assign separate DMX channel numbers to them to change them individually. Is there a way to be able to control them simultaneously within an Element light board while keeping them on separate channels? Or would we have to assign them all to the same DMX channel again?

  • This is absolutely possible. In the Element console you will have to go into patch and patch the fixtures indicually. Example would be channels 101-108. Set their type as the Vivid R.  Then you will have to patch each channel in the board to the starting dmx value for each fixture. This will give you individual control. You can the record a group so they all act as one when you want. To do that in Live type 101 THRU 108 RECORD GROUP 101 LABEL “All Vivids” ENTER.  To then access this you can type Group 101 at Full to turn them all on or change color. 

  • Chris, thanks so much for that! It worked!

    Oh, can we record this as a submaster as well or would we just use the group?