Can Colorsource Cyc light the bottom of the cyc from above like Selador?

The Selador has a dual-yoke that mounts two (or three) Selador fixtures on the same overhead pipe and will light the cyc to the bottom, eliminating the need for a ground row.  Does Colorsource Cyc fixture have anything similar that allows lighting the bottom of the cyc from above


  • Other than the selador, the CS Cyc has an assymetrical lens. So if you mount it at the top end of the cyc more light is sent to the far away end compared to the close end of the cyc.

    There is an app called MyETC: Photometrics that helps you calculate how many units of CS Cyc you need depending on distance

  • The CS cyc creates a beautiful wash on the cyc, top to bottom.  If I want a two-color cyc, I need a ground row with CS.  The app accommodates that, but it has one mounted on top and one mounted on bottom.  The Selador has a long-throw lens that lets you light the bottom mounted from the top so you can get a two-color cyc with only top-mounted instruments.  Does the CS Cyc have any long-throw option that would allow the lights to be top-mounted to light the bottom half of the cyc?  I can't put a set on the ground.

  • No, the CS Cyc doesn't have interchangeable lenses.

    There is also the Cyc lens for the color source Spot (or for the Source 4 Lustr), but it would have the same problem

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