Desire D40 shutting themselves off

Hi : have a D40 that shuts itself off after it had been on at high power for about 20 minutes.

After a few minutes it turns itself back on.

It does not do any of the " high temp / over temp" behaviors.

It is totally off- nothing on displays, no response to fixture control buttons.

Ambient temperature is not an issue ( well ventilated, air conditioned space.

Fixture is apx 9 years old, but gently used.

Any suggestions ?

Craig Blackley

  • Hi Craig. Sorry that your fixture is misbehaving. Is it losing power altogether, like does the UI goes dark and the blue power LED turn off? Is the fan running? It could be that the power supply is failing, or could be a control card issue, or a fan failure. I recommend giving tech support a call, and we can talk through some options for how best to get this working.