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Good morning

I have an Axon HD Pro installed in my venue. Here are some notes and questions from some of my initial uses:

- Software reboots are failing 4 out of 5 times. This is on both 1.0.0 and 1.0.1. It does not matter if the reboot is initiated from the built in CMA, or the reboot button on the splash screen. In all cases, the splash screen and CMA will close, and I will hang on a black screen with a cursor.

- I understand the current logic in not allowing static IPs, but I don't agree with it. Every other Artnet device in my network allows for static IPs, so I have also had to install a cheap router to assign a defined IP to Axon. I would prefer to minimize network devices whenever possible.

- The 1.0.1 CMA application currently posted does not install, failing with an error that the application 'is only valid for the following fixtures:'. I have tried this on 3 windows machines so far. All 3 initially had the 1.0.0 CMA software installed successfully.

- I did an install of 1.0.1 this weekend with a restore USB. When finished, the info tab of the built in CMA still lists the server software as 1.0.0

- After using the restore USB, I was surprised to find all previous server settings and media intact. Is this the intended result, or did something go wrong? What is the procedure for full wipe/factory fresh restore?

- The procedure and applications for creating a bootable restore USB is different between the Axon and Hog 4 line. I would think that the toolsets should be similar between products from the same company.

- On the Hog 4 side, I am having a hard time setting up CMA reliably. Although I can always control the Axon with Artnet, I cannot always find it with the 'Patch Media' function. I haven't narrowed it down enough to log a bug, but I am thinking it is being caused by my system having multiple DP8k processors.

Thanks for reading through my ramblings!
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