Beta on hd pro

Good day all, I'm trying to test the beta version of the new axon software with the user interface but the user interface just flashes after loading then disappears and all screens remain black. What could be the problem ?
  • i tried it yesterday, i believe that the problem is most probably due to small memory that comes with HD Pro which is 4 Gigs - i thought of expanding ti 8 Gigs since after all it is a Window 7 platform yet what stopped me from that is the old version of CMA without network features as in version 1.03 - I guess I could upgrade the CMA nevertheless, the user interface is not so friendly.. What we need actually is something much closer in features such as Catalyst ore even resolume Arena ... I hope that the guys at High End will come up with something soon since the BETA is old (2015). It seem as they stopped working on further developments on AXON :(
  • Hi Guys,
    Black screen after loading has a bunch of different possible causes, likely there isn't something aligned correctly in the file system. The Beta that is out is indeed a very early Beta and one of the issues was migrating Production DMX controlled software to the UI version.

    We ARE still working on the UI and hope to have a far more finished and polished product out shortly. We can all thank ETC for their renewing interest in the Servers.

    @Gerorges_Croatia - can you tell me what you don't like about the UI. I did a lot of research across many different platforms (Catalyst and Resolume included) to make sure we capture the best off all the systems. We still have a lot of work to do, but i'd like to make sure we have additional user input where we can get it.