Concert not able to find devices

Hello all!

While attempting to update our ETC Concert file today, I ran into an issue. I am continuing the work of someone who had updated this before me, so I am not aware of all the changes that they may have made in the past. We are running our Concert software directly off of the ION board. The issue that I am running into is that our ION is unable to detect any of our devices connected to it. The board has 2 IP addresses. One of them ( is for our wireless router, so that we can use iRFR remotes to control the board. The second IP address ( is going into our ETCnet port on the wall. When my supervisor and I had checked the IP addresses on the Sensor Rack controllers, they reported their IP addresses as, and, which I do I believe is impossible on a network like ours, as no subnet is able to convert 192.168.x.x to be 10.101.x.x...

To add to the confusion, we also have a DMX gateway, with an IP of, and an Update Server of

Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated!

  • could it be that at some point (maybe when moving the Ion) someone by accident swapped the network cables? 192.168 for a wireless router and 10.101 for your lighting network sound much more common. this theory is also supported by the IPs of your dimmer racks.

    if your Ion is set to act as DHCP server that could be the reason for the 169.254 IP on one of your gateways. if a device is set to receive a dynamic IP from a DHCP server but then can't reach one in the network (e.g. because its network cable is plugged to the wrong socket) it can assign itself such a Link Local IP address.