turn off Hold DMX on Net 3 gateway


I'm looking in to getting a Net3 gateway. but want to know if you can turn of Hold DMX on separate universes.

We have a device that takes control of 2 universes (out of the 4 we have) when the console stop sending dmx. (turns of).

Now we have another brand on the gateway and it holds DMX, and then the device that are supposed to take over don't do it.

I have worked around that now by using the direct out on the CongoJR, but would like to skip the cables. 

So, before I get my self a Net3 Gateway I want to know if it can turn it off. 

Thanks, J

  • Howdy Jolsson,

    you can enable/disable Hold Last Look for DMX on a Per Port Basis. You can download for free our Net3 Concert

    Software and see all the exciting Settings that can be made online or offline on a Net3 DMX Gateway:

    Download here:

    Have fun!

  • Thank you! was just was I was looking for!
  • Can I run the Concert on a CongoJR? did see in another thread you can have it on the console, but how is it with 2nd gen JR?
  • Yes - Concert Software can be installed on any of the Congo/Cobalt and Eos Family Consoles via the normal Software update Function,

    and then will appear as a tool in the Setup->Utlities Tab:


  • Hej there,

    can I just use this thread to learn a bit about the config for the data loss behaviour?
    In my case the config looks exactly as the picture above but I´m not 100% sure if I get everything right.
    So how do these checkboxes interact with each other? ´cause I would think there´s a conflict between hold last look forever and port disable. So is it the case that the hold last look forever will overrule the other checkboxes or do I have to uncheck the port disable to make shure I have a hold forever?

    And under advanced I have the field: source-specific hold last look time
    How will this affect my dataloss/hold behaviour and what source is it related to?

    I´d be gratefull about some clarification as I can´t find something about these settings in the manual and don´t have time for trial and error right now...

    Cheers Paule

  • The first one, "Hold last look forever" will over run the others becuse the fade out is when the data is turned off. I guess it overruns disable to of the same reason that the disable is after data loss, and hold forever is never losing data.

  • Thanks! That is actually more clear in the old GCE as the other options are greyed out when the checkbox is clicked.

    Any idea about the "source-specific hold last look time"?