MA2 console being restricted on an ETC system

I'm currently trying to get MA to play nice with ETC. I'm running MA2 onPC with a command wing, connected over CAT5 and outputting sACN. I have control of *most* of the system. Everything after universe 1 is fine, but on universe 1 the system appears to restrict the console only to the same addresses that are part of the house and work light system controlled from Paradigm. In other words, when we try to bring up the entire first universe, only the house and works respond. The system has been tested with a Nomad system and has no problem outputting the entire universe. The other 11 universes I'm controlling have no problem responding to MA.


The dimmer racks receive sACN directly

the rest of the system goes through Net3 gateways

the MA output has been checked with sACN view

  • Hi Kurt,

    In sACNview, what priority do the different control sources have listed?

    Could be that your MA has a lower sAcN Priorty than the rest of the control sources.

    Could you you click on one of the channels in Universe 1 in sACNview Channel View.

    Then above the channel view in the space, there will be Information about that channel,

    and who is controlling. In this example, MA2 is sending 100%, but only with 80 Priority.

    The Paradigm is winning control of 0% because of it's 110 Priority.


  • Previously they were equal, but now the MA is a higher priority than the Paradigm. We are still showing the same issue.
  • so you're saying sACNview says your outputing a certain address at another value and a higher priority than the paradigm but still the paradigm wins?
  • It seems to. sACN view shows that the levels are at 40%, but those levels do not show up on stage.
  • Hi Kurt,

    could you post a screenshot of this info in sACNview like the one I did above. What all exactly can't be controlled on Universe 1?
    Sensor Rack? Which version? CEM? CEM+?
    And ETC Gateways? Or just Sensor Rack? which version of sACN is MA sending? Draft or Release?

    In Sensor, if you go to the Rack, you can enter on Display an About Menu and Read Source and see who is winning control currently. Could you send a screenshot of one of the channels that can't be controlled from MA?
  • We have a current workaround, as we moved the sensor racks to universe 13 in order to program lights. So at this point I can't get a screenshot.

    Sensor racks are either original or 3, all control modules are CEM+

    ETC gateways are all Net3 4 port gateways

    MA is sending Release version, as is Paradigm.

    Moving everything to a different universe solved the problem in an instant.

    The only thing I am noticing is different about the MA console in sACN view is the last column labeled "DD" my Nomad console and Paradigm are both Yes, but MA is No. I wouldn't know what that column is for, given that we aren't dimmer doubling.
  • Hi Kurt,

    you can still send a screenshot of the sACNview values for a specific channel in Universe 1 as mine above. MA might not be listed but Paradigm should be. Would be interesting to see those values?

    It is possible that Paradigm is also sending DMX hard into the Rack with those values set to a higher priority than Network.

    I am glad it's working now. Be sure to have the Rack repatched after your gig so Paradigm works.

  • I don't have ¬†sACNview open here, ¬†but I think DD refers to ETC's implementation of Priority per Address (0xDD) - so while Paradigm may be sending 100 Priorty to the Universe, it can have a higher individual priority for specific channels - this maybe the case here.

    In sACNview, if you click an address in Universe 1 view, the control info for that individual address will display. A photo of that - also without MA in that universe might shed more light here.


    It appears that the winning console is still MA, according to sACN view. Both universes in paradigm are also set to priority per address, which I suspect may be where my problem lies.

  • check address per address, but everything is MA color in sACNview, so MA is sending controlling values. sACNview does take per-address-priority into account.
    what are the fixtures you can't control? dimmers? movers?
  • I can't control dimmers. the current setup is after the dimmer racks were moved to universe 13, and any remaining values are likely just a patch error leftover from the previous patching.

    The paradigm system will allow control of house lights, which are all on dimmers, but the rest of universe 1 is inaccessible from the MA console, despite sACN showing that the control belongs to that console.

    For no apparent reason, it seems to discriminate against MA in this scenario, as my Nomad setup that has never controlled this rig before has no problem controlling the entire 1st universe.
  • there is no way to discriminate against anything.

    did you check corey's suggestion regarding direct dmx from paradigm to the dimmer racks. that would explain why you still can't do anything despite winning sACN
  • If address one in universe one is not allowing you to control it, Paradigm with priority per address is not the problem because the address view shows that MA has control but is only sending a value of 0%.

  • Which addresses in universe 1 can't you control from MA? Please list all addresses in Universe one you can't control from MA. what devices are those addresses controlling? Dimmers? What Dimmers? MLs? thru what DMX Gateway?
  • Did you ever find a fix for this? I'm currently experiencing this exact same issue