Concert ETC 4PortNode Priority Mode per Adress; what does it mean?

I have the option set in Concert for every Port in a 4PortMode:
Priority per Adress.

But what does it mean?
A Node is not a sender like a light desk or?

So if i set the adress 1-100 at Priority 100 and the adress 101-200 at Priority 101 what does happen if i connect a GIO that sends 1-512 at Priority 100?
Do the Node ignore the Adress 101-200 and send only 1-100 and 201-512?
If i connect a second desk with Priority 101 does the Node in this case send the adress 101-200 only from the second desk? 
And ignore the adress 1-100 and 201-512 from second desk?
In a GIO i can`t choose Priority per Adress. I can only choose the option with what priority the desk all time works.

From manual for Concert 4.0.
Side 87, i can set Universe or Adress.
The manual say:
Universe and Address - these parameters are presented if the Gateway port selected for
Streaming ACN is Universe/Address. Universe allows entry of values from 1 to 63999,
Address allows entry of values from 1-512. The {+] and [-] buttons increment or decrement
the value up to the maximum or down to the minimum.

But for me there is no different between Universe or Adress.
i can choose with both settings from 1 to 63999

I be a little confused about this.
Who can help?

  • So it seems it is only a useless-no function option???

  • It's for DMX in. The port priority is for when you use the XLR ports as dmx in. That have no function on DMX out. 

    The sACN priority from the console you set in the console, and the priority for the DMX input you set in the node. 

    How do you meen no difference between universe and adress? If you go with sACN in to the node and set the output 1 to universe 1 you will be able to output what you patched on universe 1 in the console on that port. 

  • Example: I have a node with one DMX in and 3 out, the IN port is set to have priority 50 and there a Cueserver is connected to run cues of a button panel. When I connect my console with priority 100 to the gateway it will take over the control of the gateway and the gateway will stop listening to the cueserver.

    What the per address priority do is that I can set that on DMX IN dmx 1 to 10 on priority 150 and the rest is 50. If I then connect my console with priority 100 it will only control 11-512 on that universe and the cueserver will control 1-10.


  • You see?
    OUTPUT and the Priority per Adress.

    It is clear i can set a Priority for an Input.
    But that not my question...

  • On the left window it say INPUT address. I guess it's a bug or feature that you can set the port to output and still edit the input patch.