Concert ETC 4PortNode Priority Mode per Adress; what does it mean?

I have the option set in Concert for every Port in a 4PortMode:
Priority per Adress.

But what does it mean?
A Node is not a sender like a light desk or?

So if i set the adress 1-100 at Priority 100 and the adress 101-200 at Priority 101 what does happen if i connect a GIO that sends 1-512 at Priority 100?
Do the Node ignore the Adress 101-200 and send only 1-100 and 201-512?
If i connect a second desk with Priority 101 does the Node in this case send the adress 101-200 only from the second desk? 
And ignore the adress 1-100 and 201-512 from second desk?
In a GIO i can`t choose Priority per Adress. I can only choose the option with what priority the desk all time works.

From manual for Concert 4.0.
Side 87, i can set Universe or Adress.
The manual say:
Universe and Address - these parameters are presented if the Gateway port selected for
Streaming ACN is Universe/Address. Universe allows entry of values from 1 to 63999,
Address allows entry of values from 1-512. The {+] and [-] buttons increment or decrement
the value up to the maximum or down to the minimum.

But for me there is no different between Universe or Adress.
i can choose with both settings from 1 to 63999

I be a little confused about this.
Who can help?

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