How to turn inputs into outputs on a gateway?

I have an ETC Response, with four dmx inputs. I need to make them work like exits. I made all the settings in the gateway. Instead of red LEDs, green LEDs blink. but I don’t understand how to solder the connector. in theory, I should solder pins on female mirror. That's exactly what I did. But, the green lights continue to flash, although they should light continuously. it means that the gateway does not see the device. tell me, maybe I'm doing something wrong? It seems to me that regardless of the network settings, if the gateway sees the device, it will stop blinking with a green LED, and will light continuously. or am I wrong?

  • Hi Igor,

    If the LEDs are blinking green that means they are set to be DMX outputs (green = output), but they are not actively outputting DMX (blinking = no sources). That probably means the gateway is not seeing your sACN source on the network. What are you using as a source - is it a console, if so what kind? Is it patched in the same universes the gateway is set to output?

  • I get the point. nothing needs to be soldered. it was just necessary to patch the channels correctly. everything works with gender conversion addpter female-female. thanks for answers!

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