Net3 1 Port DMX Output not working

Im new to all this networking stuff and im trying to set up my Net3 1 Port DMX Output that ive had sitting around for a while.

Ive gone into NET3 Concert as the setup videos suggests and connected to my network however when i go into Find Unreachable Devices my Net3 doesnt appear.

Ive also tried GCE and followed the setup videos but it doesnt find my NET 3, however the Set Device Network Mode shows my Net3 port and its IP address, Type and App version, so i know that something is working.

The actual Net3 port has a blue solid light next to 'NET' and a green flashing light next to DMX

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  • In order to update your device, you would need the DHCP and Update services running. If in GCE you go to the Network -> Configure Network and Services screen, you need it to look like this:

    My guess is that maybe the update service isn't started - you can start it from that screen. Once that's running, give it another try.