Looking for a way to control a show remotely (Via Internet)

Hello hive mind,

Due to these crazy times, COVID-19 has sparked talk about possibly running a lighting rig for a TV show via the internet. Reasons being due to mandatory testing weekly, Production wants to be able to Quarantine the board operator if their test come back positive, yet still shoot, keeping the company working. 

The Ideal setup would be to have a Console on set, that is networked into the world wide web, talking to another console, Elsewhere, Say a hotel room or personal residence. We don't live in an Ideal World so if there is another way of going about this I'm all ears. 


Is this possible? If so what would it take? and let's pretend money isn't an issue, so Go Wild.

Let me apologize, If I missed a question or discussion about this subject, If you could share a Link in the comment, would be much appreciated.

  • Not sure exactly how they set it up but I recently saw a DMX-in-unreal-engine livestream demo where they configured routers to work with a VPN service and streamed artnet halfway across the planet and it worked perfectly. Controller was in North America, lights and rig were in Europe. I'm sure there was some latency but for a livestream it looked great.

    • Do you remember the name of the event? Or Live Stream? 
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