CEM3 and all other devices on my network. Default Gateway address

Hi All,

does the CEM3 need a default gateway?

I use the default recommended ETC IP address on all devices in the network. But I don’t have a ‘router’ on the network. At least what I think the definition of a router is…. Is a Net3 conductor a router???

my IP address are to for the sensor 3 racks.

subnet on all is

I have used same subnet on all other devices on the network. Consoles, Net3 conductor, etc… and use the recomended ETC ip ranges.

Do I need to be putting in default gateway into these devices to make a more ‘stable’ network or can I leave blank? 

the only device I have using DHCP is a WAP everything else is static.

  • is the typical default gateway for ETC products using the default ETC IP Scheme.  CEM+ did use their own IP as the default gateway, and a few other legacy devices defaulted to a different gateway as well.

    This support article gives you all the default IP addresses and gateways: ETC Network IP Addresses - Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

  • I suppose the question was more along the lines of, "Do i need a default gateway address?"

    My gear is all working using a default gateway of, I just have some odd ituations where CEM's randomly go offline in concert but i still have the ability to control the sensor racks with sacn, despite them being offline on concert. But this was still happening when i did have a default gatway entered.

  • For some products a gateway is required - even if that is as you are using.

    For the CEM3s that "randomly go offline" in Concert, would you please explain what is happening a little more?

  • So related to the "randomly going offline" here is are another couple of questions/topics I've put on the forums.

    Sensor 3 offline what does “first pending” mean?
    Sensor 3 Rack Showing "?" (Offline) in EOS 

    What I have observed is that, within the concert software, I can have all ETC products visible within the concert software, Leaving concert open for most of the day, i come back to it and will notices that on a rack, either a backup CEM has gone red with an X through it or the whole rack is greyed out and offline altogether.

    What I don't understand, is it seems to only be concert, and possibly EOS software that thinks the rack is offline. The rack will still respond to sACN happily from the EOS consoles.

    If I close and reopen concert and using the network map button to auto populate, if the issue was a backup CEM being offline, it would still be offline. If the issue was a whole rack being offline, it obviously wouldn't have it listed in the discoverable devices.

    The way I am having to fix it, is physically going to the racks and hitting the rest button on the CEM3 and it will happily switch to the backup, no problem and then auto switch back to the main. Now all devices are discoverable within concert. But then a few hours later, we are back to where we were with a rack offline or similar.