Response mk2 RDM with Lumenradio

Hello everyone,

We recently acquired some Robe LEDbeam 350's with wireless dongles.

We have a Response mk2 dmx gateway connected to our console through sAcn.

Concert can see the Wireless transmitter by Lumenradio (TX2 RDM) when I connect it to an RDM enabled XLR output on the Response gateway.

But Concert cannot see the wireless LEDbeams that are connected with the transmitter.

Concert can also see the LEDbeam when I connect it directly to an RDM enabled XLR output on the Response gateway.

I suppose RDM doesn't go through the transmitter?

And while Concert can see the transmitter the console does not....

Also when I use the direct cable connection to the LEDbeam, it doesn't showup on the console as a RDM device....

But it shows in concert on the correct output port of the gateway.

Should I see and RDM indicator on the Eos patch screen? When I connect the fixture it briefly shows a red block with the text: 4 In.

  • Hi ,

    That the gateway can see the fixture directly but not when connected through the Nova TX2 seems to indicate that there might be a proxy/forwarding setting in the transmitter that isn't allowing RDM to pass-through. For that, I'd recommend checking with LumenRadio.

    For the fixture showing up directly connected to the port in Concert but not Eos, double check the format that you are using in RDM Device List. Are channels listed first or addresses?

    Eos defaults to showing channels first in version 3.x which can be confusing if no devices were patched via RDM it appears empty. Press [Format] on the console to toggle to addresses first which should then display all discovered devices by address including those not yet patched.

  • Well, the suggestion of changing the Format to show fixtures on EOS worked.

    Thanks for that!

    Still only been able to see the Robe fixtures with RDM through a direct cable.

    But since RDM doens't seem to work for GLP fixtures or JB Lighting fixtures connected with sAcn it isn't much of an issue. 

    I was just curious to see if RDM would provide extra features if I got it working.