Nomad to Chauvet NetX


I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to put this question.

I am attempting to control a show from my nomad to Chauvet NetX to Chauvet Net X

I have a direct line to the first and then the next Net X is run from the previous.

The nomad recognizes the Cat5 connection. 

I have sCAN set and checked Art-Net just incase. 

I have the NetXs set to sCAN. They are both receiving signal.

When i go into a show file it shows 4 ports. I know the Net X's have 4 universes. But they're all labeled as consoles.

I cannot edit in the shell its all greyed out.

The other odd thing is I am able to get all but one line of strip lights in what is supposed to be universe 2 on. They flash on for half a second when I pull up address 1000-1100 at full.

I can only pull up the rest of the rig with weird addressing on the board side. For example what the netX thinks is 1/150+160. The nomad thinks it is address 3699+3700

I am not an expert at networking.

Could someone help explain what box I haven't checked? And any steps I have missed that is causing this issue?

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