Master Fader glitch

master fader

I need to make some manual transfers but sometimes, I forgot to keep master fader up.
If i start my cue list with master fader down, when I lauch a manual transfer, cue appears on stage with 0 time , on second movement  it becomes a go back behaviour and third movement I can make my transfer.
Is there a possibility to have a crossfade both ways like Cobalt?

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  • this setting is active in my cuelist, I speak about the behaviour of master faders when you start your cuelist with faders down

  • I only see the cue happening in 0 time if the Cue's time is set to 0 seconds - is that what you have?  Otherwise, could you make a short video to show us?  And we may also need to see your showfile.

  • it appears on differents shows, I've made a video

  • Thank you very much for the video.  I am having trouble telling if channel 100 is in yellow or green when you fade into cue 4.  If it's yellow, maybe you have a sub that is contributing a level to it - check in About.

    If not, maybe you could send me your showfile to and I can work through it.  I couldn't repeat the issue from scratch on my console so I am missing something.

  • Ok, I sent you my showfile , Thanks for your support

  • Okay, thanks.  I understand the issue better now and will write up a bug report for you.  I can also get the issue in v3.1.0, and I can make it happen on other console types if I hold the Motorized Main Playback faders down during startup.