Vectorworks Plugin v1-2-1b12 and VW 2022 SP3


Brand new to the VW plugin for A3d. I downloaded the v1-2-1 Built 12 file and dropped it into my plugins folder, but getting the "not compatible" error. Are the plug-ins Service Pack specific? I saw the thread that they are version specific.  I'm running VW 2022 SP3 Build 636848 for Mac.

Or have I done something else wrong?


  • Vectorworks deprecated the "manually copy files into folder" method of installing plugins several years ago (2018, I think?).
    It isn't a supported method anymore, and breaks quite a few plugins as they don't get properly configured.

    The ETC plugin download is an installer bundle, containing plugins for multiple different versions of Vectorworks (currently 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022). Copying the whole thing into the plugins folder will not work because the installer never runs to select the right one.

    It has to be installed using the Tools > Plugins > Plugins Manager > 3rd Party > "Install..." button.
    This will install the correct version of the plugin for your edition of Vectorworks.

    You'll need to move the Vectorworks_Mac_A3D_PLugin_vX.X.X.X.vwlibrary file back out of the Plug-ins folder to somewhere else (eg Downloads), then use the Install... button.

  • Hi Richard,

    Running VW 2022 SP3 on a Windows 10 machine.

    I installed the plugin via the Tools > Plugins > Plugins Manager > 3rd Party > "Install..." button as you said, but the plugin is not appearing in the Built-In Plugins tab and the menu items are not appearing in the Workspace Edit window. It says it installed and tells me to restart Vectorworks but when I relaunch, it's as if nothing happened. Any ideas? Many thanks.


  • You are not alone!  I have had the same problem on VW2022 SP3 - SP5 (currently on SP5), running Windows 10.  My current workaround is to Export the drawing to VW2021 and run the plugin from there.

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